Ukraine. After an hellish descent in one of the deepest coal mines of the world
Courtesy of Cesare Quinto

As a journalist I have traveled for years both in European and extra-European context, especially on the southern side of the Mediterranean, dealing with sensitive issues such as integration, migration, terrorism, conflicts.

Journalist, writer, tv and radio producer

I have a strong curiosity for everything related to foreign policy, but also an anthropological approach to different realities, customs and traditions.

My skills




Travel security

Born in 1972, I start to work as a journalist in 2004, after my Degree in history, at ‘Università Statale di Milano’, Italy.
In 2006, I covered the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict. After that, I went to Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Lebanon.
Since 2011 I focused on the Arab Spring First in Tunisia, then, covering the civil war in Libya, reporting from Tripoli for almost seven months.
In 2012 I went several times to Syria, producing written reportages and video documentaries on both sides, shooting in participation with other colleagues, for the Italian State Television (RAI) the documentary “Syria 2.0 – The battle for Aleppo” (finalist at the Al-Jazeera film festival in Doha 2012, Qatar).

Later my name appears on the Assad regime’s blacklist for crossing the Turkish border illegally.
In 2013 I worked in Iraq, then covering the news in Egypt about the coup d’etat against president Morsi and later along the Nile, reporting the attacks on Egypt’s Christians.
In 2014 I’m again in Iraq, doing some reportages in Krg about Isis military advance and focusing on refugees and the Yazidi persecution.

After I went at the border with Kobane (the Isis siege), Tunisia (jihadists issues and migration) Libya (2015) Ukraine, covering the war in Donbass on the two sides with a focus on the International pro-separatist fighters (2015), again second war in Libya (2016), the rape of war in South Sudan and refugees issues (2016), the Isis
expansion in Mindanao island (The Marawi Battle) and the case of extrajudicial killings in Manila (Philippines), the Mosul battle (2016-2017) in Iraq, again in Ukraine in 2017 and 2018 and after in Brazil covering the crime battles and infightings in Rio de Janeiro and against the special police forces.
In 2019/2020 I realized tv reportages from Senegal, Spain, Morocco, Greece, Northern Ireland, Russia and Italy.

2011 Argyl prize for Journalism, foreign affairs section

Former contributor for the Italian magazine of geopolitics Limes and Limesonline, I’ve published thousands of articles on main newspapers in Italy, as Il Messaggero, Il Mattino, L’Espresso, Vanity Fair, Wired, Il Mucchio, Il Riformista, Peacereporter, Agi, and audio/tv for Radio24, Radio Popolare, RadioVaticana, Rai, and abroad, as Swiss Radiotelevision.

Founder and director of War Reporting Training Camp since 2015, Hefat training in collaboration with the Italian Army and Order of Malta’s Italian Relief Corps.

Director of the documentary movie “Crossfire”

My educational background

  • Corso di perfezionamento Le nuove sfide nel Mare Nostrum: lessons learned e processi di stabilizzazione Lumsa – Libera Università degli Studi ‘Maria Santissima Assunta’
  • Corso di perfezionamento  Giornalismo per inviati in aree di crisi ‘Maria Grazia Cutuli’  Università degli studi di Roma Tor Vergata
  • Corso per operatori dell’informazione in aree di crisi “Giornalisti fra pace e guerra” Provincia di Bologna, Ordine dei giornalisti Emilia Romagna, Università di Bologna
  • Diploma in sviluppo e cooperazione internazionale Ispi – Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale.
  • Laurea magistrale in storia Università degli Studi di Milano
  • Diploma di liceo Linguistico Istituto Dardi, milano

Some of my job experiences

Radiotelevisione Svizzera di lingua italiana
Realization of worldwide short web news and long-form documentaries and reportages for television and radio

Il Messaggero
Freelance contributor working on field, travelling in Italy and abroad, doing articles, reportage and inquiries.

Freelance professional journalist

(2006- current)
Security and Law Enforcement. Hostile Environment and First Aid (HEFAT) courses for Ngo’s, Media and business workers.

My certifications

Reuters Training Course Introduction to Digital Journalism

The Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) Digital Tools for Investigation

Hostile Environment First Aid Training  (Hefat) England

Italian Red Cross – Military corp BLSD – Basic Life Support and Defibrillation   Italy

RISC – Reporters Instructed in Saving Colleagues First aid response course on the battlefield Kosovo

Stato Maggiore della Difesa – Italian Armed Forces  Training to work on crisis areas Italy

War Reporting Training Camp TCCC- Tactical Combat Casualty Care Italy